50/50 Campaign Core Group

Meet the cross-party alliance of MEP’s leading the 50/50 campaign in their political groups…

MEP Ulrike Lunacek, Greens/EFA:                                                                                           Lunacek
“Enough with old boys clubs in our society, economy and politics, who do not even notice the discrimination and poverty of women. We need a strong binding quota on EU-level in order to break through the resistance of governments and economy. If we waited for reaching 50/50 by voluntary commitments we would wait an eternity.”

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ZitaMEP Zita Gurmai, S&D: 
“To improve women’s participation in European politics, we have to work towards achieving parity in the European Parliament as a result of the 2014 European elections. Beyond the indisputable point of Democracy, Justice and Equality, we must remember that all the evidence suggests that a more gender balanced representation in decision-making brings a strong added value to the institutions and the society. Furthermore, gender equality is one of the fundamental values of the European Union and as such the European institutions should be an example.”

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MEP Sirpa Pietikainen, EPP: 

“Parity in decision-making is not only a matter of equality but also of quality. The more diversity there is among the decision-makers, the more diverse – and thus better – are the decisions. The European Union and its Member States can’t afford to underuse the capacity of the other half of the population in the decision-making.”

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AnelliMEP Anneli Jäätteenmäki, ALDE:
“Gender equality is a matter of both genders. I know a lot of men who have fought for gender equality and women’s rights in Europe. I welcome all women and men to take part in this campaign and sign the petition.”

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MEP Kartika Liotard, GUE-NGL:

Kartika “Gender parity in public institutions is to be considered as a first step in the right direction. Our eventual objective is to extend the 50/50 principle into other fields and sectors as well, such as academics, management boards and other leadership functions. We all agree that leadership is not an exclusively male attribute; the real issue here and now is to secure what I call ’representative representation’ and our ambition is to make it happen wherever it is required.”

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